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Ukrainian singer ANGELA: «I know from my own experience that it is possible to make your dreams come true»

The artist spoke exclusively about charity and her plans for the first half of 2024

You are a successful singer, blogger, model, and mom. How do you manage to combine all this?

The secret to success is very simple. You have to do your job with dedication and sincerity. If people feel that you work with dedication, sincerity, and love, they come to your concerts. I have a lot of rules, first of all, an artist should be interesting to people as a person, because sometimes an artist has great vocal skills, but people don't come to his concerts, which means he lacks something. Charisma and an inner core are very important, because you don't just sing, you also communicate with people, create a mood for them at a concert, convey something to them with your songs and somehow tune them in. That's why you have charisma, and then everything else comes along. And, of course, it's the closeness to the people and the songs that people can try on. I think it's my belief that everything works out the way it should. Even if it's a dream and it comes true, it means that it was meant to be in my life, and it's a necessary part of fate. Success is a feeling of happiness and gratitude for everything that happens in my life. I would like to tell everyone that if you work hard and don't stop, you can achieve great heights in this life without having finances or connections, but with talent, a great desire and perseverance.

«Секрет успіху дуже простий. Ви повинні виконувати свою роботу з відданістю та щирістю. Якщо люди відчувають, що ви працюєте з відданістю, щирістю та любов'ю, вони приходять на ваші концерти. Успіх - це почуття щастя та вдячності за все, що відбувається в моєму житті. Я хотіла би сказати всім …якщо ви наполегливо працюєте і не зупиняєтеся, ви можете досягти великих висот у цьому житті, не маючи фінансів чи зв'язків, але з талантом, великим бажанням і наполегливістю.»

With what emotions, goals and plans did you enter the new year?

The plans for 2024 are no different from the plans for the past year. It is to continue living in the conditions we have. To thank our defenders for the fact that we can implement our plans on our land, continue our work - write music and songs to inspire and support people, as well as raise funds and help our military.

Was it possible to go on a dream vacation, or on the contrary, spend time with your family?

In the new year 2024 was my only vacation. It lasted 10 days. My plans were to spend this time climbing Hoverla, so that these 10 days would not pass in the "seal" position somewhere on a bed. This is to maintain physical fitness, because it is quickly lost if you do not exercise. That's why I combined the useful with the interesting. Then I went to Bukovel, rested a little and returned to Kyiv. It is difficult not only physically, but also mentally. You need at least a little time to regain your strength. It is banal to want to be at home, to spend time with the family. Vacation is an opportunity to remember your usual life.

How will you surprise your fans as a singer and model in the new year?

I continue to write new material. Plus, there are enough songs that I just need to work on, think about how I will present them to my audience. There is enough work, which is why I am extremely happy. The new release will be sometime in early February, then in March. Almost every month. The sooner the better. Let's see how things go. Literally in a few days we will release a new video for the song "Cold City", I hope my fans will be delighted.


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